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You've Got Mail: Tips on Emailing Your Customers

You've Got Mail: Tips on Emailing Your Customers

The best part about the social media craze is that most of it is FREE. Email is a free way to "touch" customers and if done right can turn them into loyal customer's. Here are some tips to get the most from your email blasts.

Step #1. Get more emails. Collect emails everywhere!
Collect business cards at church and at social group functions. In your store you can collect emails by having an ipad out to collect emails or by giving your customers a chocolate in exchange for their email address. Every repair you take in should be required to come with a customer's email. Tell customer's you will send them an email message when their repair is ready to be picked up.

Step #2. Watch what other jewelers are doing.
There are a few jewele rs I know doing terrific email blasts. These jewelers inform and engage their customers and most importantly get results! Sign-up for at least 5 jewelers newsletters. Save emails you get from other industries that you think are effective. Pick and choose what you like about what they are doing.

Step #3. Just do IT! If you wait, you will miss opportunities.
You will learn BEST BY DOING IT. Even if it is not perfect, start emailing your customers TODAY.

Step # 4. Make them a VIP! Emails can be used to make your customer feel special.
Last year at the Instore show David Lou founder of "the Knot" interviewed couples on why they picked the jeweler they picked to buy their engagement rings. Two couples said it was because they felt very important when they came it. They were told they were exclusive preferred customers. That might sound cheesy you, but everyone likes to feel important. Give your customer's special coupons and privileges that you can only get in your emails.

Step # 5. This is good easy tip! Are you familiar with an email "signature"?
This is where when you get an email and the sender's store name and address appears at the bottom. That is your signature. You can program that signature to say anything you want! For example you could add a sign up link to your newsletter, or a message saying "85 years of Excellence". It is easy and makes your emails more personal and compelling. Add a positive message to your signature today!

Step # 6. Provide useful information and people will buy from you.
Have your emails teach. Send customers useful information, such as the "Do's and Don't of Pearls" or "Five mistakes people make when buying a diamond" These topics will engage your customers and set you aside as an authority.

Step # 7. There are some general things you should know about email blasts.
One is that most people ope n and read their emails on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10-3pm. Also 60% of people look at the "from" line NOT the subject line. So make sure to make your "from line" very personable. Next, people open something if they expect it. Tell people when and how often they will be receiving your emails. This shows you are reliable and gets a higher open rate.

I hope these tips were helpful.

Aleah Siegel

Aleah at Olympian Diamonds is a 5th generation jeweler turned loose diamond wholesaler. for more tips sign up to get her newsletter by DM 88591 or emailing her at

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