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Two Vendors You Should look at For Your Store

Two Vendors You Should look at For Your Store

For the most part my discussions and emails have to do with making money, in the shop; the store and how to handle inventory and how long to hang on to it.
Seldom do I say "go out and buy this or that". If I do I get the information from other excellent jewelers who I consider to be an excellent retailer. My younger brother Michael who has two stores in Atlanta is one of the better ones I know.
But of course there are many others around the country and world.

An easy place for you to drop in and listen to jewelers talk about which vendors are the best along with their merchandise is being a member of I've been a member for over 20 years.

Polygon really is the only single jewelers network in America. With over 3000 jewelers as members it houses one place for jewelers to buy and sell jewelry items, watches, loose gemstones and a huge array of loose diamonds.

If you've ever been to and looked how they have an easy guide for the consumer to search for a diamond well has the same thing! As a jeweler - you can buy wholesale & in addition you can plug this inventory onto your website and your customer can search/buy diamonds with your markup included.

But this is not the reason I'm writing you today.

It’s because of the Business Discussion channel where jewelers exchange their views on the industry, ask questions, get answers and post pictures of things they've sold; or are looking for and have made.

It’s like sitting with your jeweler friends from all over the country but at your own Starbucks near your house.

How convenient!

I want to share with you two jewelry vendors who jewelers are raving about this week. And I want to apologize as this is being typed on Sunday and some of you may have left the Vegas show already but if you're still there check these two out.

Gemsone is a great vendor to be in partnership with. Their product line is wonderful, they understand what sells and at what price points.

Their marketing ideas are the best ever. They provide all types of marketing ideas for you, ones you'd never have time to dream up. Every Christmas and Valentines Day their customers advertise to their customers to come in get a small pendant with a box of chocolates for $99. Or maybe jewelry and roses for $99 or more. The point is they help you bring in traffic as well as have great products. All types of marketing /ongoing programs and such.

They gave the idea to my brother last summer to give away a hunting rifle with any diamond jewelry sold for over $2,500.00.

For the same sales period last August it doubled his sales. You maye have seen news about his promotion last August. It was on the today show, featured on 40 channels around the country and even shown on an Asian television station.

So what's hot today with Gemsone?

Rhythm of Love Collection: Pendants and earrings that shimmer and sparkle. Its done with the heads or bezels holding the diamond being attached with jump rings or other devices so they "dance" as the wearer moves.

As you know I go to stores and assist them in understanding the store and inventory using reports. Gemsone always turns up to be an excellent money making vendor.

Jewelers on Polygon this week were raving about the "Rhythm of Love" collection. Check them out along with their marketing ideas for their customers.

Another great item they have available is an ATM looking machine that sits in the showroom. Customers fill out their own credit application and the Gemsone machine goes thru 3 finance vendors for you to get them approved and you to get bigger sales. Why 3? if they are not approved by the first one the machine tries a second one, which would charge the customer a higher interest rate if they were a risk.

VENDOR # 2 | Fredric Duclos Silver Jewelry |
Again more discussion this week about how well this company's jewelry line turns in their stores. I went to their website and its a husband/wife team. Fredric comes from France and he and his wife were one of the first people in the late 80's to design silver jewelry. Just from looking at what’s featured on their website their jewelry is quite fashionable.

So that’s two that are the talk of the town on; Business Discussion channel.

I recommend every jeweler take a trial run at Polygon. There are so many advantages and if you use it to only get rid of old merchandise on the "Bargain Channel" that would be great. But having the minds of hundreds of jewelers at your beck and call at any given time for fresh and new business ideas is just plain awesome.

So if you'd like to share with me any of your best/favorite vendors I'd be happy to compile the list and send it out.

And OH, before I forget. I'm waiting for those at the Vegas show to come back home. But if you have any items in the store you'd like to move (or want to buy some) like:


Send me an email with complete contact info, pictures and asking price. In another week I'll be sending the list out for others to see your items for sale or items you're looking to buy.

I understand it was 106 degrees in Vegas yesterday! Enjoy the sunshine!

David Geller

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