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How would you "woo" your girlfriend or your customer?

How would you "woo" your girlfriend or your customer?

Consumers have two places to purchase jewelry.

  1. The internet
  2. A brick and mortar store

There's probably a lot of consumers who visit the internet first then they go into a store to browse (over 80% of jewelry is still bought in a B&M store). Of course there are some who go into a store and later get back onto the web. But why do they do that? After all, in a store you have interaction and you can actually TOUCH the goods.

So why didn't they buy right then and there in your store? Or heck, any store for that matter?

Maybe it goes back to how you would woo your girlfriend. Or, if like me, maybe it goes all the way back to when you were dating in high school.

I was taught by a buddy of mine in high school that when you took a girl home you don't wait until the last minute at the front door to try and get a kiss.

My friend told me "you have to build up to the moment of expectation with slow touching moves."

He explained further:

"Don't be like all of the other guys; you must touch her gently 6 times before the night is over.

You open the car door for her when you pick her up. She may not know what to expect so just like in dancing where the guy guides his dance partner with his hand, touch her back with the slightest nudge, showing her to get into the car.

First touch

When you arrive and park announce "stay right there" and jump around to open her door. Extend your hand to help her out of the car.

Second touch

Open the door to the restaurant for her and hand on her back as she enters before you

Third touch

Get the idea? So when you take her home you've even held her hand but then at the front door touching and embracing is not a surprise visit. Success!"

Sorry guys if I let our secret out. Ladies, now you know.

You're building up to the moment of truth.

Selling jewelry from the case, repairing their heirlooms or doing a custom design is approached the same way. You don't "meet, greet and pounce" with a customer (pounce=close the sale).

You go thru the "touch" process.

So now you're married and invite company over for dinner. How do you treat friends and family when they arrive? When they come to the front door do you hold your hands to your side, smile and say "Hi, how may I help you?"

Maybe treating a customer like a girlfriend or house guest just might increase sales!

Remember the question "So why didn't they buy right then and there in your store? Or heck, any store for that matter?"

Maybe because it was the way they "weren't treated".

How are they treated on the internet?

Actually they aren't treated anyway on the internet. They are informed, trained and educated. But there's no one there being polite, answering questions and making them feel comfortable.

That's where a B&M store has it all over the internet but most stores don't get it. So what advantage does the internet have? Basically 3 and some you have no control over:

  • Price
  • Ability to compare stores
  • Education



Many folks can get a better price over the internet but remember about 80% of jewelry is NOT bought on the internet. But with matching price or close, increasing turn, adding value, this can often times not be a barrier. But to the consumer it starts out as one. It doesn't have to remain that way.

Ability to compare stores:

If you're in a mall the customer can walk down to 5 other stores or drive to others. That's ALL DAY. But on the internet you click your way until you need to replace the mouse. In website design you must make your site an enjoyable place for them to not want to leave. But because of the ease of discovery on the internet this is to the customer’s advantage.


You can match or beat this. Train the sales staff. In addition you can have signage in the showroom or even a computer out in the showroom with lots of click and find info & education about jewelry. You'd build this on your own website and they'd view your site inside of the store on your computer. Make one readily available. Touch screen would be good, even an iPad.

One last thing before we go back to wooing your girlfriend and your customer. The internet has one HUGE advantage over your store and it will take lots of training to overtake this.

How easy it is to see a ring?

I've written this before (tongue and cheek):

"It is a federal law that a customer is not allowed to touch any piece of jewelry in our store without our permission."

You think I'm nuts? It’s true. A customer goes into a department store, looks at a $200 purse and swings it onto her shoulder without the sales person's permission. Touches it, feels it, opens the pockets. Next she picks up a pair of Stuart Weisman $300 shoes. Maybe not both pairs but she can look, feel and touch.

Can they do that with jewelry? NO! It's under lock and key. So...

When a customer comes into your store this is what a diamond ring looks like:

How to overcome this disparity?

As soon as you see a direct line of sight of a customer looking at a ring for 3 seconds take the damn ring out of the showcase and hand it to her. "Isn’t this a beaut?"

You've got to take the jewelry out and place it in their hands without asking. It shows you trust them, they can have fun and lets them say "Oh, then can I see this one as well?"

I'd even make an announcement "I'm your personal jewelry butler, just tell me which ones you like and I'll take them out for you."

So now I have taught you how to woo your girlfriend(actually I gave you how to start, the rest is up to you).

Now let’s discuss wooing your customer.

Treat them like a girlfriend.

  • Always compliment them.
  • Do the things they like to do
  • Open the door for them
  • Go get what they want, don't tell them where it is.
  • etc.


So here's a chart of how you might treat people. Let's look at how you would treat a girlfriend or family member who comes to your home for dinner.






What you would say to your girlfriend or family coming over for dinner.

Can you see your customer being treated the same way at home as in your store?

Instead treat your customer like your girlfriend or family in your store

Hello there, welcome. Oh wow your outfit looks wonderful on you. (Hand shake or a hug instantly happens)

You open the front door and say "Hi, how may I help you?

Welcome, oh what a cool looking pair of earrings. Are those your favorite?

Here, let me take your coat. Make yourself comfortable over here on the couch.

Just look around the living room here. If you need something I'll be in the kitchen.

(Hand extended briefly) I'm Mary. Have you ever been in our store before? Welcome. I'm going to point out the departments in the store for you and then let you browse as much as you like.

What would you like to drink? I have soda, water and just opened a nice bottle of white wine. Have a glass with me?

Hot outside isn't it?

While you browse may I give you a cold bottle of water? We also have soda if you prefer.

Oh, I see you noticed our Rembrandt on the wall. We bought that at an auction in New York. It was an unbelievable event. Have you ever been to an auction?

If you see anything of interest, just let me know. I'll tell you about it.

I noticed you were gazing at the sapphire bracelet. Here we go (opening the case and handing it to the customer). Here, allow me to put it on your arm. Hear that click? Its secure. Oh wow, a knock out on you!

I so enjoyed having you over for dinner. Let's do this again soon and I have wrapped up a piece of the apple pie for you to take home. Enjoy!

(Customer) "Thanks, we'll be back"
(You) "No problem"

(Customer) "Thanks for helping us"
(You as you shake their hands) "It was my pleasure and I hope you'll come back real soon Hillary. I have your email and I'll send you some pictures of other sapphire bracelets as we get them in"


Notice the difference? I've just played out the scenario as if the customer was helped but didn't buy. Going further in the sales process might have been even more touches until we scored! (Make the sale silly).


  • Offer then a seat while you show merchandise.
  • Come out from behind the showcase and sit or be next to your customer.
  • If at all possible you should be the person putting the necklace on around her neck, snapping the bracelet on her wrist and sometimes putting the ring on the finger.


By the way you would treat customers the same even if they brought in a repair, watch battery or having a custom design.

Woo them.

David Geller - JewelerProfit | July 5th, 2012

P.S. As a man who is happily married may I share with you the three phrases for a successful marriage?
1. Yes dear
2. You're right
3. I'm sorry
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