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Polygon & BriteCo Announce Strategic Marketing Partnership to Offer Free Appraisal Software & Membership Benefits

Polygon & BriteCo Announce Strategic Marketing Partnership to Offer Free Appraisal Software & Membership Benefits

CHICAGO - August 11, 2020 Polygon ( a mdf commerce product, the online community and marketplace for jewelry professionals and BriteCo ( the innovative jewelry appraisal and insurance provider, announced today a joint strategic marketing partnership that provides retail jewelers with valuable insights to help grow their businesses in an evolving omni-channel environment.

With more than 1,700 retail jewelers nationwide signed up for BriteCo’s cloud - based appraisal software, BriteCo provides jewelers with a faster, easier and no cost way to streamline appraisals while offering immediate person al jewelry insurance coverage for their customers.

As part of the partnership, BriteCo will offer Polygon members its appraisal system software free of charge along with marketing support materials and incentives to help jewelers save time and generate add itional revenue. Polygon will offer BriteCo jeweler partners who are not currently members of Polygon a discount on membership with access to the most efficient online network to source and sell diamonds, jewelry, colored stones, watches and more.

“In the wake of the COVID pandemic, retail jewelers are becoming more engaged in using digital technology to attract new customers, become more efficient, and improve relationships across the board,” according to BriteCo founder and CEO Dustin Lemick. “By joinin g forces with Polygon, we can give jewelers an additional source of knowledge, expertise and technology they can use to manage the digital transformation of their retail businesses.”

Polygon members will further benefit from a direct connection with BriteC o’s team on the community forums, Facebook group, and in person at Conclaves and other Polygon events. BriteCo experts in appraisals and insurance will become active participants in the community by sharing ideas, information, reports and more, as well as addressing questions and comments from members. Personal consultations will also be offered by BriteCo to Polygon members free of charge.

“We’re excited to be working with BriteCo, and helping our members find creative ways to compete and connect with cust omers as more retailers leverage digital technology to grow their businesses,” says Lindsay Watkin, Director of Marketing at Polygon. “Not only will this affiliation benefit members through innovative technology and savings, we will soon be conducting join t research and generating actionable reports that address top of mind issues among our jeweler audiences.”

For more information on membership and other services, or for details on the strategic affiliation with BriteCo, contact Polygon at, or 1-800-221-4435. BriteCo jeweler partners should contact or call 312-809-9100 for more details.


About Polygon:

Since 1984, Polygon has worked with thousands of retail jewelry professiona ls to help them grow their businesses. The membership - based network provides a secure online platform for vetted members to exchange ideas, access business intelligence, reports and pricing information, and trade in loose diamonds and co lored stones, jewelry, fine watches, estate/vintage, coins, metals and more. In addition to their online services, Polygon also hosts several in - person trade events.


About BriteCo:

The brainchild of a third - generation family jeweler, BriteCo is an innovative insurance technology company that empowers jewelers by providing them a free, fast, efficient, cloud - based appraisal system and offers their customers A+ rated jewelry and watch coverage they can trust. Licensed in all 50 states, BriteCo provides unrivaled protection against damage, theft, loss, or mysterious disappearance.

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