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Benefits of a Virtual Inventory System for Retail Jewelers

Benefits of a Virtual Inventory System for Retail Jewelers

In today’s competitive retail jewelry industry, traditional brick-and-mortar jewelers are continually challenged to improve every aspect of their business operations. Expanded product offerings, better customer service and the development of an online presence are areas that demand particular attention. One of the most effective ways retail jewelers can address all of these challenges is by integrating a virtual inventory system with their current website or social media profile.

For example, let’s say you operate a website to compliment your retail jewelry business. Your website features several pages, detailing the history of your retail operation, showing photos of your store, and briefly explaining some of the products on offer. You may also already have a Facebook or Pinterest page to engage clients online and distribute marketing messages about upcoming sales events or product announcements. These methods of online promotion are steps in the right direction; however they do not fully leverage the potential of your digital presence to generate increased sales.

A virtual inventory system allows jewelry retailers to extend their in-stock offerings, and show those offerings to customers, without taking on the cost of acquiring new inventory. VI also ensures that retailers pay only for the items that customers are already interested in buying, eliminating the risk associated with buying inventory that “might sell”. 

Many jewelry retailers have experienced increases in web traffic, client engagement and net sales as a result of adding virtual inventory to their existing web sites.

For traditional jewelry retailers, offers a virtual inventory system that can be integrated with their existing websites. The system features a customizable interface allowing customers to access the entire inventory of diamonds available on Polygon.  Retailers can leverage the scale of a vast inventory while employing their own design decisions, formatting preferences and marketing strategy - as well as the amount of markup to add per item.

Choosing to integrate a comprehensive virtual inventory is one of the most valuable business decisions a jewelry retailer can make. By offering a wide selection of products at competitive price points, mitigating cost risk, and providing unmatched flexibility for design and markup, virtual inventory allows jewelers to choose when, where and how a robust selection of inventory is presented to their online customers.

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