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Moissanite Alert

Read on here a couple of months back about an old euro Moissanite. Never saw one until two days ago. Polypal sent me a 3 carat old euro. HUGE culet, not that well cut. Large brooded girdle. Very typical of an old Euro.

Had a small chip at a facet junction. Also not unusual for an old stone. VERY clean. I was pondering my buy price and noticed a light greenish cast.
Then - though it was hard to see - we noticed doubling in the stone (I guess the large culet and the large brooded girdle made it not that readily apparent). It was when we looked closer at a strange chip in the stone that we thought it must be moissanite. I did lengthwidthdpeth and of course it came in right where it should come in.

We decided to send to the Tasheys at PGS Labs in Chicago, who confirmed the stone as moissanite.
If this had been in a fine platinum bezel set mounting and I was in the field, buying from a little old lady, I would have gotten stung.

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