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What OTC Items DO NOT Sell, Just Scrap List

1. Waterfall clusters
2. Crosses, unless small and white gold
3. Stampata (stampato) super hollow gold necklaces or bracelets
4. Yellow gold invisible set rings, unless very secure channel so it can be sized

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Agree with all but number 2 – The larger the crosses, the better. And the older the better.
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If they haven’t been melted already, 95% of gold wed bands
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Generic yellow gold ladies' watches from the '70s, 80s. Might as well include heavy yellow 14K nugget watches with the Seiko movements held in by four prongs in the back.
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1.0ctw frozen spit tennis bracelets.
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All nugget jewelry.
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3. carat plus SI goods waterfall rings –Give me call before you scrap them - they still sell down here (Texas), especially in white gold.
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I don’t agree with melting yellow unless it is a style (nugget, san marco, rope) that is VERY dated. Things with sleeker lines I would keep. Yellow is coming back. Most of you are men, but look at the trade magazines, and ask the ladies in your lives what the fashion magazines are showing. There is also still a strong secondary market for "classic" looks as well as "mid century modern" styles (think ‘Mad Men’). Just my .02
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