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Cleaning and Re-Polishing Lapis Ring

We put a gent’s Lapis ring in the cleaner, it came out whitish. Can it be re-polished or treated to bring back the dark blue?
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Not sure this was natural lapis… Maybe it was waxed, many are, because the best a natural lapis will take for a polish is a "nearly" bright finish. Hence, they are often "waxed" and then polished.
Get some Johnson's PASTE floor wax, rub it in real well, wait a couple hours, then buff. Repeat a couple times. If there's some chemical attack going on, maybe it needs to be refinished. I can take care of that very quickly, if you wish.
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Could it be dyed sodalite?
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What is in the cleaning solution? Lapis is basically a rock with varying mineral components (depending on quality, there will be more intergrown minerals). Perhaps some of the calcitic or carbonate components have interacted with, or been attacked by the solution. You might also test a small section on the underside. Rub an acetoned Q-tip to see if there are any dyes.
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If the cleaner had any type of 'pickle' in it you will destroy lapis. That said, as inexpensive as it is to buy, you should get a new piece and chalk it up to a cheap lesson learned. No sense meandering about trying to find out if it was dyed or if it can be repaired with dyes and such.
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Try the suggestions; it can't hurt at this point. ANY weak acid in the pickling solution (and I think if it's not acidic it won't work as a pickle, right?) will instantly react with the calcite (calcium carbonate) and be destroyed. Yes, it could be sodalite, it could also be any number of dyed materials.

Unless you KNOW the cab is agate, I would resist any cleaning beyond warm soapy water, ever. But we all know this, right? Yeah, I've done it, too, and I should know better. And of course, no good deed goes unpunished.
Had a jeweler friend in Seattle MANY years ago, very high end. Lady came in off the street, dripping with diamonds and asked him to clean her 11 carat Tanzanite ring. First one he'd seen. Dunked into a hot ultrasonic and it became a few smaller Tanzanites.
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