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The Polygon community offers unparalleled opportunities for wholesale jewelry distributors trying to expand their subscriber base, develop their professional reputation and increase sales. As a Polygon member, you will get access to several vetted industry experts who are active in wholesale and retail jewelry markets, letting you leverage your network and take advantage of increased jewelry sales and greater understanding of the workings of the profession. We provide our members with a platform to connect with other jewelry professionals in the industry and securely buy jewelry, wholesale jewelry, wholesale diamonds, colored stones and gems, watches and more. Polygon is proud to be the most active online community of vetted jewelry professionals in the industry.

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Wholesale Jewelry

The exchanging of wholesale jewelry and related supplies reaches the core of Polygon community member activities. Our established network of jewellery distributors provides use of wholesale jewelry markets, industry professionals, and brokers of diamonds, precious gems, jewelry items, watches and much more - all whom allow it to be their business to provide excellent prices on jewelry supplies and accessories. Unover a wide collectionof jewelry pieces from manufuctarers and wholesalers. Does your customer needs Precious Diamonds Jewelry, Bracelet Jewelry,or Ring Jewelry ? Get Pendant Jewelry, Necklace Jewelry, Gold Ring Jewelry , Gold Ring Jewelry, Silver Ring Jewelry, Yellow Gold Earrings Jewelry, and much more on

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Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry has been one of the most intriquing, notable and dynamic topics of dialogue in the business world. Top business leaders worldwide tend to regard professional jewelers with many fascination, as a result of the cavalier reputation that modern jewelers have cultivated over many decades. The power of Polygon to further improve your business is evidenced by our number of Case Studies, real-world stories from jewelers who may have benefitted greatly off their Polygon memberships. Increased sales, to be able to network to successful jewelers, with an improved reputation from the industry some of the reasons becoming a Polygon member.

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Diamonds Shape Samples Diamonds Shape Samples Random Selection
Round Diamonds Oval Diamonds Round & Emerald Diamonds
Princess Diamonds Baguette Diamonds Princess & Radiant Diamonds
Emerald Diamonds Asscher Diamonds Asscher & Baguette Diamonds
Cushion Diamonds Old Miner Diamonds Emerald & Cushion Diamonds
Radiant Diamonds Old European Diamonds Old European & Old Miner Diamonds


  • Testimonial Old Northeast

    Old Northeast Jewelers

    Member since 1987

    I don't know how it's possible to survive in the jewelry business these days without Polygon. Everything I need, I get on Poly – faster, for less.

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  • Testimonial Ames Silversmithing

    Ames Silversmithing

    Member since 1996

    When I joined Polygon, I had no idea what an incredible impact it would have on my business. From technical trade questions to sourcing diamonds, gemstones, jewelry or watches to learning about new trends in the industry, Polygon is the true B2B leader in the jewelry business.

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  • Testimonial JewelSmiths


    Member since 1996

    I own two full service jewelry stores and cannot imagine running them without access to the knowledge I get from Polygon.

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