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The jewelry industry has long been one of the most interesting and dynamic topics of discussion in the business world. Top business leaders around the world tend to regard professional jewelers with some fascination, owing to the cavalier reputation that modern jewelers have cultivated over the course of many decades.

Today, retail and wholesale jewelers still retain a reputation as a unique and idiosyncratic group, The jewelry industry as a whole has grown significantly decade after decade, even in the wake of recession in the United States, with customers of all income levels increasingly interested in purchasing jewelry, precious metals and polished stones. Often, people consider the purchase of jewelry items as an investment or store of value, hoping that their purchases will retain value far beyond the dollar price paid for the jewels.

Interestingly, the expansion of the globalized economy and the growth of the middle class in developing nations are proving to be the true engines of growth for the modern jewelry industry. Countries like India and China are demonstrating a seemingly limitless desire for gold and platinum, as evidenced by record-setting mining and import figures year after year. The mining, manufacturing, and finishing industries associated with gem and jewelry production also continue to enjoy significant year-on-year growth, with retailers at the end of the chain having to adapt to new market norms and slimmer margins as a result of internet retailing and wholesaling.

Fortunately, despite average retail and wholesale margins trending lower, there remain great profits to be reaped by newcomers to the jewelry business. Entrepreneurs who take advantage of web-based selling platforms are especially well-positioned to carve out new niche markets within the increasingly fragmented industry.

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